Friends Club of the Prague Philharmonia

Who are we?
Why do we support Prague Philharmonia?

How to become a member with benefits.

Who are we?

Friends of the Prague Philharmonia who have decided to support this exceptional ensemble with a financial donation. Come and join us and follow the projects of the orchestra from the beginning to the moment of their realization. You will be close to the artists and the birth of the best that exists on our planet - because art brings beauty, harmony and understanding.

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Why do we support Prague Philharmonia?

We like quality without compromise, drive, innovation and pleasant behaviour. In this Club we feel important, needed, cared for and we feel the family atmosphere of this exceptional orchestra. We are aware of the fragility of its financial structure, which does not have a solid foundation in the form of a permanent founder. We have watched enthusiastically the grace and ease with which this orchestra has moved among the world's top performers for more than 25 years.

Public subsidies cover only 40% of the orchestra's budget. The rest is raised through work, sponsorship and thanks to us - individuals.

How do you make the donation?

Simply by transferring money to Czech bank account no. 123-1299860287/0100 (for transactions in EUR use 123-1458270277/0100) or in cash at the office of the Prague Philharmonia, Burešova 1661/2, Prague 8 Ládví (by prior arrangement).

Your donation can also be spread over regular monthly payments in smaller amounts. Just set up a regular payment order!

When is the best time to become a member?

In order to enjoy the full benefits of the entire season, we recommend membership from 1 September until 31 August of the following year. However, you can become a member at any time, we will adjust your membership to suit you as much as possible.

How to become a member?

Email us about your intention at or call us at +420 734 579 333. We will contact you and arrange everything necessary. Membership is based on a donation agreement and is valid for 12 months.

Can the donation be deducted from the tax base?

Yes, if your donation is at least CZK 2,000 or exceeds 2% of your tax base. In total, no more than 15% of the tax base can be deducted for individuals. To prove your support, we will provide you with a donation receipt, which you can attach to your tax return.

Can I become a member as a legal entity?

Yes, you can! Our only condition is that the list of donors contains only your company name, not your logo. Also in this case, it is possible to deduct the gratuitous benefit from the tax base, from the amount of CZK 2000 up to a maximum of 10% of the tax base reduced in accordance with §34 of the Income Tax Act.

Do you have more questions?

Details of the program will be provided by:

Martina Sermain

Coordinator of the Friends Club

T +420 734 579 333


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