Festival Krumlov: Night in Hollywood

External Organiser
Brewery Garden, Český Krumlov
Nové město 151, 381 01 Český Krumlov

CZK 490 - 2590

Prague Philharmonia
Jan Kučera — conductor

Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Between Two Worlds – Concert Overture
Erich Wolfgang Korngold: Kings Row Fanfare
John Williams: Star Wars – Main Theme
Erich Wolfgang Korngold: The Sea Hawk – Concert Overture
Jerry Goldsmith: Star Trek – First Contact
John Williams: Close Encounters of the Third Kind
Michael Kamen: Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – Overture
Erich Wolfgang Korngold: The Adventure of Robin Hood – Suite
John Williams: Jurassic Park – Main Theme
Max Steiner: Casablanca – Suite
Miklós Rózsa: El Cid – March
Maurice Jarre: Lawrence of Arabia
Ernest Gold: Exodus – Original Main Theme
John Williams: Harry Potter – Hedwig’s Theme
Maurice Jarre: Doctor Zhivago – Suite
Elmer Bernstein: The Magnificent Seven – Theme
Miklós Rózsa: Ben Hur – Parade of the Charioteers
Max Steiner: Gone with the Wind

The silver screen has attracted and fascinated classical composers since the beginning, and from their combination, film music arose. Erich Korngold composed on both sides: film and classical, and by winning the first Academy Award for film music, he opened the door for composers who have devoted themselves entirely to film. The concert will showcase the development of film music from the now classic Oscar-winning melodies of Between Two Worlds, Casablanca, Gone with the Wind, Ben Hur or Star Wars and Harry Potter by the legendary, Oscar-winning record holder John Williams, who celebrated his 92nd birthday this year.

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