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The PKF - Prague Philharmonia Orchestral Academy was founded in 2008 as the first ever project of this type in the Czech Republic. Each year the orchestra welcomes 12 to 14 young, talented musicians into its family. The PKF players help them to gain quality orchestral practice and enthusiastically pass on to them the basics of the PKF playing philosophy: precision, attention to harmony and detail, artistic humility, friendship and respect.

The members of the Orchestral Academy have been involved in PKF artistic projects from the very beginning. They attend concerts not only in the Czech Republic but also abroad, have the opportunity to perform in PKF Chamber music cycles and participate in recording projects.

The very first year of the Orchestral Academy was met with a huge wave of interest. A year later in 2009, several of its members participated in the unique YouTube Symphony Orchestra project. Two of them - Jakub Fišer and Ondřej Martinovský - performed under the direction of conductor M. Tilson Thomas together with ninety other selected musicians from all over the world at New York's Carnegie Hall.

Accept our challenge and become a member

Become a member of the PKF Orchestral Academy! Read more about the terms and conditions of study below in this article.

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Who is the project for?

Students of secondary and higher music schools and graduates, whose musical education is completed with a high school or university diploma, from the Czech Republic, EU countries and other countries, aged from 18 to 30 years. The basis for a successful audition is the artistic prerequisites to perform in the PKF - Prague Philharmonia or in another orchestra of similar quality.

Project organiser

The Orchestral Academy is organized by PKF - Prague Philharmonia, o.p.s.

The project is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.

Members of the Orchestral Academy 2023-2024

Blažková Michaela - flute, Dohnalová Klára - French horn, Dostál Martin - violin, Hrdová Natálie - clarinet, Hřebíček Jakub - percussion, Hubinová Veronika - clarinet, Janíček Jakub - double bass, Jindřišková Iva - trumpet, Jinek Štěpán - bassoon, Klánská Klára - violin, Kolářová Kamila - French horn, Krämerová Hynková Marie - viola, Lekeš Andrej - cello, Mach Jasenčíková Klára - flute, Matyska Vít Rafael - percussion, Menkov Arseny - oboe, Mikula Sofia - violin, Nakagawa Riko - violin, Pavíček Tomáš - trombone, Pudlovský Šimon - trombone, Soukup Antonín - bassoon, Sulková Barbora - violin, Ševčík David - trumpet, Šulcová Milada - violin


Ševčík Jiří - flute, Vašina Zdeněk - French horn, Špačková Romana - violin, Pavliš Jindřich - clarinet, Hoznedr Ivan - percussion, Klečka Pavel - double bass, Zaal Svatopluk - trumpet, Fürbach Václav - bassoon, Svoboda Stanislav - viola, Pospíšil Lukáš - cello, Adam Jan - violin, Vrba Miloslav - violin, Penk Stanislav - trombone, Souček Jan - oboe

Scholarship and other benefits


Membership in the PKF Orchestral Academy is free of charge for students; PKF pays tuition fees and awards scholarships. In the 2021-2022 season, the total amount of the scholarship per student is CZK 40.000 / 10 months (divided into monthly payments); PKF is entitled to change the amount of the scholarship for serious reasons. Payment of the scholarship is subject to active participation in the course and PKF conditions.

Other benefits

PKF may offer students participation in a studio recording; in this case the student is entitled to an honorarium. Participation of a member of the orchestral academy in other PKF projects (e.g. K or S subscription series concerts) is also honoured. Outside the scope of the compulsory orchestral practice and when the artistic standard is fulfilled, the Academy member may be approached for further cooperation with the PKF as an assistant.

The PKF does not provide accommodation in Prague for students of the Orchestral Academy, nor does it cover any costs associated with it or the cost of individual transport to the PKF headquarters. Membership in the Academy also does not include the right to free access to PKF premises, the provision of concert attire or financial compensation for the use of one's own attire, the provision of an instrument or its parts owned by the PKF (or the PKF Foundation) or financial compensation for the use of one's own instrument.

Membership Terms and Conditions


The audition is open to musicians from the Czech Republic, EU countries and other countries who have reached the age of 18 and not exceeded the age of 30 as of 1 September in the year the course begins and whose musical education is completed with a high school diploma or graduation from a secondary school or university in the Czech Republic or abroad. The PKF does not arrange residence and other formalities related to the artist's participation in the course.

Selection procedure

Applicants have the opportunity to join the PKF - Prague Philharmonia Orchestral Academy and receive a one-year scholarship on the basis of an audition announced by the PKF - Prague Philharmonia. Admission to the Orchestral Academy is decided by the PKF. PKF is not obliged to fill the position for which the audition is announced, nor is it obliged to implement the OAPKF project.


PKF - Prague Philharmonia informs about auditions for the next season on its website and Facebook. There is no application form.


Throughout the course, students undergo a comprehensive educational programme, which includes 2x 45-minute monthly individual part lessons under the guidance of PKF - Prague Philharmonia concert masters and leading players. At the same time, the players undergo orchestral practice in the form of artistic participation in PKF - Prague Philharmonia projects on domestic stages and abroad, in chamber and contemporary music concerts, participate in recording projects and in a number of other activities such as seminars with soloists, conductors or other internationally renowned guest artists.

Termination of membership

A course may be terminated by PKF if it becomes apparent that the student is not interested or if it becomes apparent that the student does not meet PKF's artistic criteria. If a candidate has already completed an OAPKF course and if there is a vacancy for the instrument for the following season, he/she may apply for the selection process (maximum of three OA courses). The upper age limit for entry to the Academy also remains a restriction.

Secretary of the PKF Orchestral Academy

Eva Sopková

T +420 222 200 421



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