How to buy online

Convenient purchases online!

In the following points we will take you through the online purchasing process from A to Z.


You can buy a ticket from the link to the calendar and ticket sales. You can buy a subscription for the 2020–2021 season at the link to the 2020–2021 subscription. Just click on the link to ‘buy ticket’ or ‘buy subscription’.


In the numbered auditorium, click on your preferred seat (the seat has to be marked – see picture). Information on the price ranges can be found on the title bar or by moving the mouse over the seat. Tickets have to be put into the basket otherwise they will not be counted in your shopping basket. Don’t worry, though, as it is easy to add more tickets in another step!


If you are buying tickets for an unnumbered hall, first of all choose the area (= price range).


Then select the number of seats and remember to add the tickets to the basket otherwise they will be emptied from it.


This is what the page looks like when you add tickets to the basket. If you want to add more tickets, click on ‘add more items’.


If you have all the required concerts in the basket, you can use the ‘select discount’ button to select the required discount for each individual ticket. The discount Gift for You means that the ticket is printed for free.


There is one last step before continuing. Agreeing with terms and conditions.


In the next step you select how the ticket will be delivered and the method of payment. An e-Ticket can be checked either as a print-out or on a mobile application. If you want to use a gift voucher, put the number in the bottom right corner.


After clicking on the ‘reserve’ button, the system will ask you to log into your account in the next step. If you do not have an account, you will be asked to register. There are several advantages in this: if a concert is cancelled or there are any other changes, we can then inform you; when you buy an e-Ticket the system places it into your account and you will always have it to hand; when you give us your mailing address, we then place you in our registry and you will be sent programme brochures.


After registering you will be shown your order again. Please note the date of payment or collection of the reservation and the number of the variable symbol. If you are going to collect the reservation in person at one of the ticket offices, do not forget to write down the number of your reservation.

And that is everything! Thank you for your purchase.

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