Help Us As a Volunteer

Become a PKF – Prague Philharmonia volunteer!

How can you help us?

  • Help us promote the PKF – Prague Philharmonia. We are looking for volunteers to help us establish and look after the distribution network of our promotional materials. This can be done, for example, by just taking them to your workplace.
  • Help us sell our tickets. Recommend PKF – Prague Philharmonia concerts to your friends and work colleagues.
  • Help us translate our promotional materials.
  • Would you like to help us by working in the ticket office a few hours a week?
  • Become our blogger, youtuber, or just place your contributions on your social networks.
  • Help us to create and maintain the PKF – Prague Philharmonia's website.
  • Do you enjoy taking photographs or making videos? Do you enjoy editing videos? Bring us your work and link up with the team of people who are developing the PKF – Prague Philharmonia's new image.
  • Do you live or work in an unusual or interesting place? Once a year you could be the host for our club meetings, debates, chamber concerts or private meetings with the musicians.

You can help us in ways other than money! Thank you!

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