S2 Hanuš Bartoň and Michal Nejtek – Music after 2000

Contemporary music series S
Studio of Švanda Theater
Štefánikova 57, Praha 5

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CZK 400 | 300 (senior citizens 65+) | 
CZK 100 (students and children up to age 15)

Hana Dohnálkovádramaturge, host

Hanuš Bartoň
“In D” for solo clarinet and soundtrack (2004)

Hanuš Bartoň
32 Variations on the Note D for violin, clarinet and cello (2016)

Michal Nejtek
Tasted Thoughts for clarinet (2015)

Hanuš Bartoň
Ten Miniatures for Wind Trio, Series II (2009)

Michal Nejtek
Trois morceaux délicieux for clarinet, piano, violin and cello (2016)

“Contemporary music (i.e., the music that is currently being created) suffers from one thing—the lack of repeat performances. In the vast majority of cases, the composer hears his work only in a premiere, with all the advantages and disadvantages that premieres entail (nervousness, energy, inaccuracy), and that is it. He has no chance to fix it, make corrections, get feedback… It is obvious that the development of the composer’s style takes place in isolation, mostly without interaction with others. Worlds that are now seemingly very close to each other do not intersect at all. It is therefore very important and beneficial if there is the possibility of repeat performances and new interpretations of earlier works—the PKF and their Contemporary Music Series S deserve all the credit for this. And also for the fact that I will hear excellent performers and also Hanuš Bartoň’s music, which has been dear to me for a long time (just like its composer).” – Michal Nejtek

“I have known Michal Nejtek for a long time. Today we are colleagues and we both teach composition at the Faculty of Music of the Academy of Performing Arts. I seem to like the note D, which forms the basis of two compositions of mine. Yet each of them is different.” – Hanuš Bartoň

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